Saturday, October 15, 2011

Candy Corn- Filled Vase

I've been meaning to decorate with candy corn the past few weeks, but it seems that everytime I buy a bag, I eat it all up before I can get creative with it. Total lack of self control! Today, however, I bought 2 bags. One to decorate with, and one to eat!

You'll need a glass vase, cardboard tube, and at least an entire bag of candy corn. I saw the cardboard tube idea on a blog a while back, but could not remember which one. I'm sure it was on several.

Place your tube in the glass container and begin filling with candy. You may see the tube through little gaps, but this didn't bother me. Once it is on a mantle, people won't be inspecting it up close. If the gaps bother you, maybe try spray painting the tube orange or yellow beforehand.

This would also look great in apothecary jars. Instead of using a tube, try balling up pieces of paper to place inside of jars instead.

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