Sunday, February 5, 2012

10 am

This is what my 10am on a Sunday morning looks like in the 5-7 year old Discipleship Class. Today we learned that God is jealous for His glory and He will not share it with another! The kids in that class are so super cool.

Yesterday's challenge was to take a picture of a stranger. I missed that one and will not be making up missed challenges because I want this endeavor to be fun and never become a burden.

It's actually a shame I missed yesterday's challenge because I was feeling like a spy after watching Mission Impossible 4 last night (my first trip to the movies in I don't know how long!) when I ran out of the theater with my hands pointed like a gun singing "dun dun da da dun dun..." (that would be the Mission Impossible theme song, in case you didn't catch it) all the while "shooting" the guy in front of me. Er, sorry mister, didn't know you would turn around and see me shooting you. Should have been shooting a picture of him instead.

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