Monday, January 2, 2012

It Had to Happen Someday

We took Gibson to get his haircut while we were home for Christmas. My husband wanted the lady who cut his hair growing up to give G his first haircut. It was a very emotional experience for me. In case the dead animals hanging on the walls didn't tip you off, we were in Alabama.

We had some fun with the camera while waiting. Someone should tell this kid the "duck face pout" for the camera was so last year!

This is the point where I started to get very nervous and regretted our decision to cut his beautiful, long, flowing hair!

Gibson was not nervous and took it like a champ.

Tip of the day: Smarties are a great way to keep your 15 month old sitting still. :)

I think his new hair makes him look like such a big boy. Is it normal to regret your child's first haircut? Here's to hoping it grows out fast. ;)

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