Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Travel Time

The fam and I are driving home to Alabama, the Beautiful tomorrow. We'll be home for ten days, so that means today is filled with lots of packing.

I'm reusing my Tom's bag to keep my socks and other small items from getting "lost" in my suitcase.

I'm including some books to keep me from going crazy. I plan on starting "Instructing a Child's Heart."

I've recently discovered Keel's Simple Diary. It's not your typical journal. Each day has a different page to fill out, like...

Your day was... (a) a nap (b) a gap (c) a snap Explain why...
Make up your mind. You are better at ( ) talking ( ) listening
You would like to spend a day in this person's life:
You can handle a lot ( ) yes ( ) no

I cannot wait to fill the pages of this journal up!

Packing tip of the day:
In order to maximize space in your suitcase, layer similar clothes on top of each other. For example, all sweaters together, all skirts together, etc. Roll them up and place in suitcase.

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