Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Style Your Little Man, Part One

I've had a number of people compliment Gibson's style. (I've had fewer compliment mine ;) One lady, a mother of two precious little girls, pointed out how hard it must be to dress little boys considering the clothing options in the department stores are fewer in comparison with all the options little girls have. I don't think it is necessarily harder to dress little boys than it is to dress little girls. I just think you have to be a little more creative. That's why I'm starting a mini-series, "How to Dress Your Little Man." Each day I'll share a tip that I've found to be helpful in dressing Gibson stylishly while on a budget.

Today's tip: Thrifting! Oh they joys of thrift store shopping! I'm surprised to learn that while so many women shop for themselves and their homes at thrift stores, they don't do so for their little ones! I buy most of G's clothes at thrift shops. I've found three things to be helpful in this area:

1. Be patient. You're not going to hit the jackpot every time you set foot in a thrift store. If you don't find something that catches your eye, ignore the temptation to buy something just to make the trip "worth your while." You won't be saving money!

2. When you do find something you like, make sure it's actually a bargain. Second-hand clothing stores are trying to make a buck. I've found some things at these stores the same price at Target. Be savvy!

3. Shop your friends' closets! When your children outgrow their clothes, share them with friends. Thrifting can be just as fun and profitable at a friend's house. Swap clothes with each other!

This entire outfit (except the hat) is thrifted. The pants still had the tags on. $70. I paid $7. That's right.

Gibson is wearing:
Hat- Baby Gap

Shirt- Janie and Jack (thrifted)

Pants- Janie and Jack (also thrifted)

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