Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Natural Deodorant!

Coconut Oil (I got mine on sale $5 off!)
Baking Soda
Corn Starch
Essential Oils (optional- I didn't use this b/c I didn't feel like spending money!)
Old deodorant container (not pictured)
For Tutorial, click HERE

I have to say I was very doubtful about this natural DIY project. I read somewhere that you should store your coconut oil in the fridge to preserve its freshness. This turned out to be a big mistake. I had a hard time mixing the coconut oil, and it just balled up into little clumps. Coconut oil turns hard and white in the fridge, and you need it to stay very soft for this project.

But once the Coconut Oil softened to the consistency I needed, it was much easier to work with. It actually ended up being the exact same texture as store-bought deodorant! It helps to get your hands a little messy while mixing everything together. You can use a spoon to initially mix all ingredients, but towards the end you're going to want to use your hands, especially while putting your deodorant into it's container.

I'm very satisfied with how this natural, mostly organic deodorant turned out. And the fact that I can make it for less than I would pay for store-bought deodorant makes me even happier!

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