Thursday, March 1, 2012

Clipix: A New Tool to Organize Your Life

I've recently discovered and become a fan of Clipix.  It's a new on-line tool that can be used to organize things you find and want to try.  It can be used to save recipes, craft ideas, books you want to read, the list can literally never end!

I opened a free account and began clipping Valentines Day projects I want to try with my toddler onto virtual "clipboards."  I've chosen to make my clipboards open for public viewing, but there is a privacy setting that allows you to choose who can see your boards.  I made another clipboard just for recipes that I plan on trying when I get around to them.  You can view my clipboards here.


There's also an iPhone app so you can take pictures of the things that inspire you and save them to your clipboard while out and about!  You can even share your clips on Facebook and Twitter.

A little confused?  View the one minute video below to find out more about Clipix.  Then visit Clipix and sign up today! After you begin clipping, come back here and let me know what kind of clipboards you've created!

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